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1/800 Scale. Full Hull Kit. Measures 15 3/4 inches long when complete. The exterior hull of the carrier is finely engraved, features detailed Propellers Highly detailed deck superstructure assembly, Accurately reproduced mast and radar assembly. 58 aircraft, such as jet fighters, bombers, and helicopters, are included to dress the main deck. A large display stand with a nameplate is included. Waterslide decals.

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Larger than the numerically superior type VII subs, the XI A and XI B types had greater range.
were faster and carried a larger crew. They were also slower in diving and were regarded as a "wetter" boat thus gaining the nickname " Seekuh" which translates to Sea Cow. Nevertheless, the Type XI B subs accounted for the sinking of a greater tonnage per boat than any other type of German sub in World War II.

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Without any doubt, the High Mobility Mltipurpose Wheeled Vehicle(HMMWV) and its 15 variants are the most versatile military transport ever devised. Designed in the '80s against a US Army requirement, the basic design was to replace the old M-151 MUTT. Teledyne Continental, Chrysler Defense and AM General all submitted proposals, of which the Am General was selected for development. All vehicles in the series are 1.25ton, 4Wheel-Drive units powered by V-8 Diesel engines. There are two-man and four-man soft tops available; a full cargo area soft top is often seen when used for cargo or troop transport. The troop carrier version accommodates a two-man crew and eight soldiers in the rear area on removable bench seats. its payload is 1,134 kilograms or 2,500 pounds. With reinforced side armoring and improved parts installing, M998 IED(Improvised Explosive Devices) committed to 2003 IRAQ War due to the fact of upgraded defensive efficiency and currently performing variety duties as a light-transportation main force of US Army.

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The M3 Lee was the first modern American medium tank employed in combat in World War II. it saw action with the British in North Africa as early as 1941 & the South pacific theater along with the M4 Sharman tank. The M3 was the result of crisis management that was prevalent immediately following the fall of France. No tank in history ever went from design to production faster than the M3. As furnished to the British under the lend-lease program, this first model of the M3 medium tank was nicknamed the General Lee by the British.
This 100% new tooling, 1/35 scale M3 Lee " Rivet Hull" has certainly been worth the wait! Academy really "nailed" this magnificent war machine. It incorporates the early type Vertical Volute Spring Suspension (VVSS) and each individual rivet that's studded along the entire body is faithfully reproduced. The shape of the M3's unique polygonal body & cast turret is perfectly made, as is the exquisitely detailed interior of the turret.
Modelers have a choice of assembling the long barrel 75mm gun or the short barrel. Beautifully molded flexible track and crisp, accurate decals add to the impressiveness of detail that Academy brings to this new release.

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Because of the US Army's success and experience mounting 105mm Howitzer's on halftracks, the Army decided that a modified M3 medium tank chassis would make a better weapons platform. Following considerable modification and development that also added a .50  machine fun to the side of the fighting compartment, this new, raised, open-topped vehicle was born as the self propelled artellery vehicle: Carriage, Motor, 105mm Howitzer M7. The open top, exposed the 6~7 man crew to enemy fire.
The "Priest" was given its nickname after it entered British service during WWII, due to its elevated, protected pulpit-like drum cupola atop the gun carriage. Officially called the 105mmSP Priest by the British, it first saw service in North Africa at the second Battle of El Alamein in October 1942. By the end of 1943, the M7B1(based on the M4A3 Sherman) was the standard model. About 3,000 were built during the course of WWII.

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Until the Gulf War, the AH-64 Apache was questioned by some as to its durability and maintainavility under combat conditions.
Its outstanding performance in the harsh climate of Iraq and Kuwait removed all doubt as to its air superiority and durability under the worst conditions.
The Longbow(Apache)is uniformly praised and regarded as the finest attack helicopter in the world.
Like all weapons systems, ways can be found to improve even upon a good product, So it is with the Ah-64D longbow.
The most easily observable difference between the "A" and "D" versions are the larger avionics bays on both sides of the nose.
These large housings provide the room for much more sophisticated navigation, communication and weapons systems.
The Longbow is equipped with highly advanced eletronic systems that can rapidly detect, classify, prioritize and engage multiple ground or airborne targets through battlefield haze and under almost all weather conditions.
Not as easily observable are the more powerful-701C engines that power the longbow "C" and "D" versions and enable it to lift heavier weapons and or fuelloads.
Unlike most helicopters the Longbow has been designed to be self-deployable over long distances by means of precision worldwide navigation instrumentation and long range communications capability.
Longbow is regarded as a true Combined Arms force multiplier able to degeat future battlefield threats well into the 21st century.
Under present US Army plans, 535 "A" Apaches will be remanufactured to "C" or "D" standards. The balance of the force will be upgraded by field-retrofits.

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One of the key factors in a  modern combat aircraft is versatility.
A plane able to serve in a variety of roles can reduce the overall cost of operations by limiting the number of components needed for maintenance.
If one type plane can serve effectively in fighter, bomber of reconnaissance roles, that is one thing, but if it only requires the mounting of detachable pods or racks without changing the machine itself, you have a virtual one-plane air force.
The nimble General Dynamics F-16 fighting Falcon is just that machine.
Winner of  a light-weight fighter competition in 1975, the F-16 has become one of the most successful combat plane in history. it can carry more than thirty different types of offensive or defensive weapons and electronics pods in combinations weighing up to ten tons. it is permanently armed with a 20mm M61A rotary cannon located in the fuselage and usually carries a pair of AIM-9 sidewinder air to air missiles attached to it's wingtips.
The F-16 is one of the few post-Vietnam fighters to have engaged in combat, and it has proven to be as effective as it was intended.
One of the most notable uses of the little fighter was in the bombing attack on Iraq's nuclear wapons plant, destroying the operation before it could become a force of destruction. the nimble maneuverability of the Fighting Falcon makes it the ideal mount for the famous U.S.Air Force Thunderbird acrobatic demonstration team. 
At the peak of its performance it can exceed mach 2, yet it can twist and turn so tightly it can turn inside many modern jet adversaries.
This permits it to perform the spectacular maneuvers that excite the air show crowds.
The effectiveness of this little fighter has led to its use by NATO forces alongside the larger F-15 Eagle. Besides the U.S.Air Force and navy, the F-16 is operated by a dozen other countries.

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ACADEMY PLASTIC HOBBY MODEL KIT 1/400 R.M.S. TITANIC Centenary Anniversary Edition #14202 model kit

The legend of the R.M.S. TITANIC, from the fanfare at its launch to the honor of its sinking, has fascinated millions for decades.
At her initial launch on May 31, 1911, the TITANIC, built by the British White Star Line, was nothing short of Seven grand staircases, four dlevators, a gymnasium, a swimming pool, a Turkish bath, and a post office gave the ship luxuries enough to rival most fancy hotels. During her maiden voyage from Southhampton, England, bound for New York City, the TITANIC offered a pair of parlor suites complete with private 50-foot promenades for $4,350 each.
Apart from these numerous creature comforts, the TITANIC was famous for its size and power. At an astounding 883 feet in length and 93 feet in width, the TITANIC cut through rough waters with a steady prow. Twin triple expansion reciprocating steam engines combined with a Parson's low-pressure steam turbine engine to produce a total of 460,000 horsepower. The end result was a smooth cruising speed of 21 knots, with a top speed well over 24 knots.
Weighing in at 46,328 gross tons, the TITANIC easily qualified as the largest ship of her time. She was designed to carry 2,500 passengers accompanied by the crew of 900. The White Star Line infamously provided her with 20 lifeboats, exceeding the British Board of Trade's requirement 16.
The $10,000,000 TITANIC was most famous for her hull design. Hailed as "practically unsinkable", the TITANIC was divided into 16 watertight compartments were flooded, the ship would still remain afloat.
Unfortunately, on April 14, 1912, more than two mompartments wete flooded. The TITANIC struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic, slicing open more than one-third of one side of her hull. Two hours and forty minutes after hitting the iceberg, the last remnants of the monstrous ship sank into the frigid waters, leaving over 1,500 people to drown of freeze.
The disaster of the TITANIC has left and incredible impression on the world. The myth of the "unsinkable ship" was forever debunked, leading all future vessels to carry enough lifeboats to account for the entire ship, A 24 hour wireless vigil was set up to help account for all vessels, and an International Ice Patrol was created in 1914 to warn ships of dangerous icebergs,

Academy 1/400 R.M.S. TITANIC Centenary Anniversary Edition #14202 model kit

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